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Small business owners waste loads of time on tedious daily finance tasks. FinOps implements and supports your finance systems with standard repeatable processes so you have the information and headspace to focus on your customers.

Stephen Beck


I’m Stephen Beck, FinOps founder and managing director.

When I was in college studying mechanical engineering, I took an optional module in Business Information. It was the 90’s, a decade of rapid technological changes and rising productivity for businesses. During that module, I heard a story about the CEO of Coca-Cola. Our professor told us that if sales were doing badly in a particular region, the CEO logged on to a desktop computer where he could drill down not just to State level, but to each regional store. He was able, in the early 90’s, to figure out that sales had dropped because bottles were being stocked on the wrong shelf. Not the wrong State, not the wrong store, but the wrong shelf!

It struck me as unfair that big corporations had access to data, insights, and information that were simply out of reach and out of budget for small businesses.

Which is why I founded FinOps.

At FinOps, we know you want to grow your business. In order to do that, you need highly efficient finance processes in place so that you’re fully in control and not wasting time and headspace on daily finance tasks.

The problem is that clunky finance processes are slowing you down which leaves you feeling anxious because it’s getting in the way of growth. Clunky back-office processes can’t keep up with your sales team and ad hoc systems are leading to overspend. It’s frustrating because you know there’s a better way.

You shouldn’t have to settle for a sub-standard finance function. At FinOps, we believe that small businesses should enjoy the benefits of big-business technologies without breaking the bank. As qualified chartered accountants and certified Xero advisors with a background in engineering, we obsess over your systems. We review your current finance processes, radically improve them using best-in-class digital tools, and support you as you grow.

Certified and Accredited

Fellow Chartered Accountant - Chartered Accountants Ireland
Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Trinity College Dublin)
Diploma in Business Studies (UCD Smurfit, Bernard Moran Medal winner)
Certified Xero Advisor
Diploma in strategic finance and analytics
Diploma in forensic accounting and investigation
Professional Certificate in SME Credit, Institute of Bankers
Microsoft Certified Excel Expert

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Finops helped us design and digitise our entire finance function

The team implemented systems that handle the daily finance stuff that we hate. With up-to-the-minute financial information on Xero, I can now make fast and fully- informed decisions.

Gregg BarryCo-Owner, Docklands Dental

We’re saving hours on admin every month

We were swamped with spreadsheets until FinOps streamlined our clunky workflows into one simple, cloud-based process. No more tediously copying data or dealing with irritating spreadsheet issues!

Claire ConnollyPractise Manager, Docklands Dental

An excellent service

FinOps made us aware of vital financial metrics we should be tracking but didn't know how. Management can now work on day-to-day operations with an almost real-time ability to measure the effect of decisions made.

Dan McAllisterCEO, EIDA Solutions