Welcome to the FinOps Blog. In this blog, we’ll be sharing content to help small business owners and office managers who want to build a smooth-running finance function for themselves.

Here’s what you can look forward to seeing on the FinOps Blog:


  • We’ll share information and best practices around daily financial operations for small businesses
  • We’ll discuss the ins and outs of topics like management accounts, accounting software and tools, and streamlining your finance workflow
  • We’ll write about about how best to scale your finance function as you grow

There’s more! We’ll also be interviewing business owners and accountants that we’ve worked with so that you get an insight into what the FinOps process looks like and what problems it solves through real-life case studies.

So, it’s going to be great and we’re delighted you’re here. If you want to know how we came to be here, keep reading!


The Unlikely Connection between FinOps and Coca-Cola

I’m Stephen Beck, FinOps founder and managing director. When I was in college studying mechanical engineering, I took an optional module in Business Information. It was the 90’s, a decade of rapid technological changes and rising productivity for businesses. During that module, I heard a story about the CEO of Coca-Cola, Robert Crispulo Goizueta. Goizueta was the CEO of Coca-Cola for 16 years, during which  time the Coca-Cola brand became the best known trademark in the world. His leadership style was simple – he kept his finger on the pulse at ground level. If sales were doing badly in a particular region, he logged on to a desktop computer where he could drill down not just to State level, but to each regional store. He was able, in the early 90’s, to figure out  that  sales had dropped because bottles were being stocked on the wrong shelf. Not the wrong State, not the wrong store, but the wrong shelf!

It struck me as unfair that big corporations had access to data, insights, and information that were simply out of reach and out of budget for small businesses. Which is why I founded FinOps.


The FinOps Why

We exist to give small business owners access to the same high quality internal finance operations that big business owners have grown to enjoy. Finance shouldn’t just report numbers, it should provide you with operational decision support.


How Do We Help?

Small business owners waste a lot of time on tedious finance tasks. We improve and support your finance function so that you have the information and headspace to make great operational decisions.


What Do We Do?

As qualified chartered accountants with a background in engineering, we’re process obsessed. We streamline your financial processes using best-in-class digital tools that don’t cost the earth and we offer book-keeping, management accounts and training to remove the headache of daily finance tasks. Here’s a snapshot of the services that FinOps offers small business owners:


  • We implement off-the-shelf accounts systems
  • We redesign workflows and controls
  • We provide training
  • We support you with a remote, outsourced finance team


We’d Love to Hear From You

Finally, we’d love for you to tell us what you’d like to read about. Simply email us at hello@finops.ie. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the FinOps Blog!